Canadian Paid Surveys

Canadian Paid Surveys

Online Market Research is extremely popular these days. Most marketing professionals turn to the internet to pool qualified participants for their paid surveys.

The internet is always a great resource and they would have a variety of respondents to their online market research.

These marketing professionals opt to give out surveys through online survey sites. Online survey sites would already have a database of members who are ready to take surveys they qualify for. These online survey sites pay their members anywhere between $3 and $7 for each survey taken.

You can say that the web is riddled with fun online surveys. And fun here really depends on your definition of fun. If your idea of fun online surveys is to fill out a legitimate survey about your everyday life and habits and get paid for it, they yes, the web is filled with these survey options.

On the other hand, if your idea of fun online surveys is finding out which Simpson are you, then you are in luck. The web has got tons of those too.

For fun and pocket-filling fun online surveys, you can go to these websites.

Some Canadian online survey sites that do online market research include:

Ipsos i-Say Canada: Ipsos i-Say is a consumer research site, conducting several online surveys. Surveys are by them and not by a third part marketing research organization. Membership into the site is free and you immediately have access to a lot of surveys. They also offer an affiliate program for a few more extra money.

Harris Poll Online Canada: Harris Poll Online is considered one of the better paying survey sites online. Each survey you complete is paid for well enough to make the effort worth it. Problem is that they do not send payments through PayPal, which would have been easier to receive survey rewards.

ACOP: the American Consumer Opinion Poll is run by a big marketing research firm, and conducts surveys in the United States and Canada. Membership into the site is free; the participant just has to fill out a profile form. ACOP is regarded as the authority in online market research. They are members of the Better Business Bureau; and are completely trustworthy of any information you reveal in their profile and surveys.

All of the above survey sites are free to join. Join each of them and make money online in Canada taking surveys in your free time.